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Tonka Toy Trips

We have toured the roads extensively around NZ with one large exception, gravel roads. Our MG and Jazz really do not like going off tar seal and I feel real sympathy for our vehicles bouncing over the ruts, but we want to get to the outlying places that New Zealand offers. The answer is that we have bought a Tonka Toy, its an old Pajero (Shogun in the UK). Its a 2.8 litre turbo diesel with large tyres and a towbar and laughs at gravel roads.

Tonka Diaries (Terri's Version)

Introducing The Tonka Toy

I should have known Art was after something. I'm sitting at my desk at my new job, and I get a telephone call. 'Hi there - how are you?' (What's he after?) Second telephone call - 'This year, do you think it would be a good idea if we got a small 4 wheel drive and try the gravel roads?' (note - last seasons 'big holiday' had been 5 weeks in South Island in an MGF sports car). Third telephone call - 'I was just passing this car place and they had a four wheel drive car in there for a reasonable price - shall I have a look?' (Me - why not? No harm in looking) Fourth telephone call - 'Hello Dear' (what's he after!) 'What would you like for dinner?' (Oh- oh- there's trouble coming….) Fifth telephone call - I looked at that car - it was a good buy. (hesitation…) I've put a deposit on it pending an AA report'.

Two days later a similar round of conversations saw the purchase of a new tent (reasoning - the current three man MG-sized tent doesn't have an awning big enough to put the table and chairs up in).

So - we are now the proud owners of a Honda Jazz, an MGF sports car, two BMW motorbikes (without keys - but that's another story) and a Mitsubishi Pajero 4WD 2.8l Turbo Diesel with tow-bar and a large radio. Art will insist on calling this final play thing 'The Tonka Toy'. SEE:North Coromandel Oct.2010

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