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Previous Day: Day 36 - Carterton to Ongarue

Day 37 - Ongarue to home

We're not going to write a travelogue for today, because really the journey is over.

We drove into our road, to find that there had been changes in our absence - the house immediately opposite us (which used to have a beautiful garden) is now a building site. This is one thing we don't like about our area - the 'in-filling' of gardens with houses, leaving virtually no greenery.

We still love our views over the sea, though…

Highlights-Karamea, Tekapo, Catlins, Omaru, Golden Bay, Foxton

We traveled 6124 Km and used 450 litres of fuel (7.35 litres per 100K). The hood was down except for one trip when traveling from Karamea to Greymouth, this did not help the fuel consumption as the car is more aero-dynamic with the hood up. The poor thing survived many gravel roads and was filthy most of the time (cannot use conventional car washes)

If I am spotted half asleep wandering down Devon Road with a towel, just looking for the shower block!


We've certainly had some adventures on our travels, and I hope you've enjoyed reading them. The main reason we started this is because the website will act as our memory jogger for the future.

And that is what we believe travel is about - memories, that can be stored up, and brought out in the future - maybe in old age, or illness, or when you can no longer afford to travel.

I know many people have been concerned that we carried on after Art's minor heart attack - but for us, this was a big memory-making trip, and it was important to us that it continue. We changed what we did (no more up-hill walks or camping), but still achieved what we wanted. It was a calculated risk, which fortunately paid off.

So Art's off to the doctors on Monday, with the movie of his dicky ticker on DVD. Fingers crossed, and we'll update you when there's more to tell…..

My heart is fine it just the plumbing thats in a mess

The website has had 675 visits from 35 countries during the last month

No sand flies

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