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Day 36 - Carterton to Ongarue

Balloons over Wairarapa

As expected, Art didn't make it out of bed to see the balloons, but I was up and out in time for 7:30. This was good timing, as I missed the opening blurb, but was in time to see all the balloons take off.

This was quite a sight, as the sky was a perfect blue with wispy clouds, and hardly any wind. There must have been about 20 balloons there, but it was virtually impossible to get a photo with them all in view. I had a go though!

And one was even sponsored by a UK MG garage - Tanswell of Towcester. Quite a coincidence, given our car!

I eventually returned to get Art up, and packed ready for the rest of our journey.

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Feilding Field Day

Yes, I did spell that correctly - it breaks the rule of 'I before E except after C' - and as my maiden name is 'Seilly' I totally agree with it!

The friends we are staying with overnight had been to the Feilding field day on the Thursday, and had warned us it was quite small. But we needed somewhere to break the journey up, and Feilding seemed as good a place as any.

It was a fascinating show for us city bods - full of bits of machinery that (out of context) could have had a place in an S&M dungeon. One of my favourites was the contraption that held a lamb so that it could be docked - very undignified for the poor thing. (it turns out that our farmer friend bought one of these)

There were also diggers, tractors, harvesters, you name it… even a tanker that held crop spray, and had a helicopter landing pad on the roof!

You don't get the normal pet stands here either. On the way into the show we passed a 'Highland Cattle Starter Kit' (complete with 2 young heifers and a bull).

I was also quite taken with the Alpacas - you can get a boy for a pet for $500, or a female (pregnant) from about $2000 upwards, depending on the quality and colour of the fleece. (It turns out our friend the sheep farmer was quite taken with them too - and they'd be fine on his steep hills, because they come from Peru!)

We also watched the tree climbing race, where guys have to wedge platforms into the trunks then use them to climb upwards so they can cut the top of the tree off.

All in all, for the final event of our holiday it rounded things off nicely.


We made it back to Ongarue for early evening, and a very warm welcome from our friends. Tomorrow we see home…..

In our absence the local cash crop had been harvested, by the army and the police!!

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