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-Previousw ​Day:  [[terris_travelogue:​south_island:​day_32|]] +[<>​] 
 +Previous ​Day:  [[terris_travelogue:​south_island:​day_32|]] 
 +{{tag>MG South_Island Golden_Bay Nelson Pohara Pupu_Springs}}
 ====== Day 33 – Golden Bay to Nelson ====== ====== Day 33 – Golden Bay to Nelson ======
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 Next Day: [[terris_travelogue:​south_island:​day_34|]] Next Day: [[terris_travelogue:​south_island:​day_34|]]
 {{url>​http://​www.wises.co.nz/​l/​nelson/#​c/​-41.268001/​173.274651/​12/​ height 700px}} {{url>​http://​www.wises.co.nz/​l/​nelson/#​c/​-41.268001/​173.274651/​12/​ height 700px}}
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