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Day 24 – Curio Bay to Invercargill

One thing that continues to surprise us is how quickly the weather can change here. We went to sleep with clear skies, and woke to thick mist.

We’d already decided to move on to Invercargill,so off we set. It wasn’t a long journey, so we arrived by about 11:00. First priority (now we were within cellphone coverage) was to book accommodation, and with Arts new condition we decided to go upmarket and book a ‘tourist flat’, with en-suite and a small kitchen at the ‘Beach Road Holiday Park’. Well I can’t say it’s very luxurious – in fact it’s downright tatty on the outside, but inside is reasonably large, reasonably decorated and clean. I don’t think we’ll be cooking a cordon bleu meal on the one hotplate and microwave, but there’s a tavern next door with bar meals. We’ll be trying it later…

I feel sorry for Invercargill, it tries very hard to welcome people and has some decent buildings, but is severly handicapped by being very flat and next to the Southern Ocean, next real stop Antarctica

Invercargill Licensing Trust does not allow supermarkets to sell wines and beer, these are obtained from Liquor Shops, but some corner stores sell wine??

Oreti Beach

The holiday park is just down the road to ‘Oreti Beach’, best known as the beach used by ‘The Worlds Fastet Indian’ motorcycle rider, Bert Munroe. When you drive down to it, there’s no car park, you drive straight onto the beach. We were a bit concerned about this in our sports car, but the sand is very hard.

Oreti Beach

The beach runs straight as far as you can see, and is very flat and smooth. Hence why it was suitable for Bert and his motorcycle. He’d have difficulty practicing now though – there’s a 30km speed limit on it!!


We decided to drive to Bluff, just to say we’d been there, and to take a photo at the signpost at the end of the road – i.e. State Highway 1. We can’t say we fell in love with the place like Marcus Lush – it is a bit like an industrial estate.

  Thats both ends of SH1 done

There’s the ‘Drunken Sailor’ cafe at the end which had a good view, but I think they cut corner sunneccessarily on the ‘pot of tea for 2’ – the teapot was the same size as one I’d expect for 1 person, and was only half full! I asked for extra water and was given a tiny jug, which still didn’t fill the teapot up! Really – how much extra does a decent amount of hot water and maybe a bit of extra milk cost?

Invercargill Gardens

Then we went off to Invercargill Gardens. These are very nice – nothing amazing, but a nice easy flat walk. The NZ Womens cricket team were playing Australia on the cricket fields – can’t say we stopped long – we’re both the kind of people who think watching cricket is like watching paint dry! There are some good avaries in the gardens, and we actually got to see a Kaka and a Kea at last! These are both NZ parrots, mainly found in Fiordland now, and very rare. There are also some animal pens elsewhere in the park – not huge, but certainly enough to keep the average child happy for a while.

Enough sandflies to be a nuisance

Terri has decided that she doesn't want me popping my clogs on her, so nookie is severly rationed

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