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Day 20 Dunedin yet again

Angiogram and things

Well, I was first on the list, duly drugged and catherters up the arm. (the half brazilian was not required). All went well until the result, seems like I am up for the triple. To be operated on here, I have to wait at least a week to get the blood thinners out of my system, then at least a week in recovery. I am being encouraged to stay in Dunedin for the op., but I will go home.

A bit about Traffic and Nationalities

As I’m stuck in this cabin on my own this evening, I thought I’d write a couple of ‘snippet’ sections. And the traffic (or not!) in the South Island must be one of them.

Generally, and especially if you get off the main tourist tracks, there is very little traffic here. Go onto gravel, and you’ll be lucky to see another car all day. For the vehicles you do see, there is a disproportionate number of camper vans and motorcycles to ‘private’ cars. We’re quite in the minority in our little MGF sports car! Having said that, we’re also a talking point. And we did meet another couple with an MG (so of course stopped for a good old chinwag).

We’re also in an ‘in-between’ age – most people here seem to either be retired, or young enough to be our children – i.e. doing their ‘gap’. Very few are from New Zealand.

In fact, South Island seems to be very much like one huge holiday resort at the moment, as most things are geared around tourists. There are even arrows on the roads to remind the ‘foreigners’ which side of the road to drive on! I bet the locals love it when the silly season ends!

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