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Previous day: Day 18 – Dunedin

Day 19 – Dunedin (still)

Today I had to change holiday park, as my current one is fully booked for the night (apart from camping – and I really don’t think I can put up the tent and pack it away again on my own – once is enough! ). So I’m off to the Dunedin Holiday Park, on St Kildas Beach. This is closer to the hospital, but is larger and (although beutifully painted with murals and other paintings) doesn’t feel that friendly. There are ‘don’t do’ notices everywhere, and the staff are a bit officious. To give you an example, I need to get some paperwork printed so I can sign it and get it scanned back in to email. At the Criterion in Oamaru, and the Lake Tekapo Holiday Park, they let me use the office computer, printer and scanner – not so at the Dunedin Holiday Park. I’m going to have to find the Dunedin main library tomorrow (and no doubt be charged accordingly).

On the other hand, the cabin is comfortable enough and the kitchen and laundry facilities look very good.

Arthur’s Day

Art was hoping to have his Angiogram done today. He was 6th on the list, so it looked good. He was duly shaved (half a Brazilian) and cleaned, and put in rather fetching hospital gowns.Then left on the bed.

By the time I got back from my days jaunt (see below) at 3:30 he was still sitting there, and had moved to 8th position of the day! We knew it was looking dicey – and as Art says, do you want to be the one they do when they’re getting tired? At 4:30 they confirmed that they’d run out of time, and Art would have to wait another day. Ah well – better luck tomorrow.

We got the cards out and played Gin Rummy until 7:30 pm.

Terri’s Day

I’m the fortunate one, as I can go out and see things. I try and call in for an hour in the morning (a quick sprint into New World to spend $10 so that I get 90 minutes free parking before dashing to the hospital opposite) then go and do something, aiming to be back to keep the Old Codger company from mid-afternoon ‘til early evening.

Today I’m going to the Botanic Gardens.

Dunedin Botanic Gardens ain’t Kew. And they ain’t Hamilton Gardens either. However, they make for a very pleasant walk, and have some very nice features.

I parked near the Lower Gardens, so decided that my best bet was to walk up hill to the ‘upper’ gardens before zig-zagging down back to the car. This made for an initial hard work walk – but it was worth it as from there it was all down-hill. The upper gardens look like they could do with a bit of TLC. I’m afraid that they might be interesting to a Botanist, but to me they looked like they needed a good prune.

There are some aviaries in the gardens too, mainly filled with parrots and parakeets. There are some good descriptions of some of the birds on the cages, but not all. Often you’d read a description, to look in the cage and see a totally different bird (that is obviously sharing) – but no description of that bird! There are cages labelled ‘Kea’and ‘Kaka’ (both NZ natives and therefore rare) but I couldn’t spot a single feather!

Further down the hill there was an interesting terraced arrangement of seats, which at first glance didn’t look very practical. But if you looked down there was a stage in a clearing. Unfortunately trees had grown in front of the seats so you couldn’t see the stage from most of them!

The Lower Gardens were lovely. I get the impression that the Botanic Gardens have a limited budget, and therefore concentrate on these gardens. There’s a cafe, a visitors centre, a ‘winter garden’ with a few cacti, succulents & hot-house plants, and some statues. Also a rose garden.

We seem to attract school trips on our outings, and today was no exception. There were children all over the place, all with the compulsory sun-hat. My favourite moment must have been when some typical cheeky boys decided to climb one of the statues behind their teacher’s back – then got stuck! I’m not sure who’s face was the most horror-struck – the boys or the teacher’s!

Next day: Day 20 Dunedin yet again

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