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Previous day: Day 17 – Dunedin and Hospital

Day 18 – Dunedin

Art’s Day in Hospital

It looks like I will be seeing too much on Dunedin over the next few days, and Art will be seeing a very small (3m x 6m) part of Dunedin Cardiac Care Unit. Just like his last attack, he’s now feeling fine, and is walking up the walls with boredom. But they’ve decided he needs an Angiogram, so they’re keeping him in. It won’t be today, but hopefully will be tomorrow.

Just to put everyone’s mind at rest, this attack was nowhere as bad as the one he had 13 years ago (he’s sulking because they didn’t give him any diamorphine this time!), and we’ve always known that there was a chance of a reoccurrence. But of course it’s still worrying. We’ll know more after the angiogram – watch this space.

Meanwhile, we’re very impressed with Dunedin Hospital – even if it feels like it could be any other 1970’s built hospital in any UK city. The staff are great, the medical attention so far has been superb, and we can’t believe that he’ll get an angiogram after just a day or two (in the UK we got fed up waiting and had to go private eventually).

NZ Hospitals (Art's version)

In dedication to getting the facts about NZ for the wiki, we were short on info about New Zealand hospitals, so I volunteered to try them out. I am in safe hands as Dunedin is a teaching hospital with very high standards. I am impressed by the freidliness of the staff, but this is NZ.

Well, this is the largest room I have occupied through out our trip, based on the seventh floor, with a great view of Dunedin and waitress service. The main problem is that I am tethered to a monitor by a 2 metre lead, so my field of travel is some what limiting. To be honest, I am allowed to unplug and have a wander.

Today started with several needles piecing various parts of my body, next came the man with the razor. I now have a shaved right wrist, and a half Brazillian just in case the catherter will not travel up my arm. The razor man was soon comparing hernia operations with me, must be hospitals. Looks like cardio cath tomorrow.

Terris Day in Central Dunedin

The holiday park at Portobello, on the Otago Peninsula, is 20 km away from the hospital, so I packed up nice and early and headed for town. First stop was to drop the car off at the Beaurepairs Tyre Shop, to get a couple of new front tyres. They said I could leave the car there for the day, then dropped me off at the hospital. I bought a couple of decent cups of coffee from the Muffin Break franchise by the main entrance, and headed up to see Art.

Then it was off to the Octagon, and the Information Centre to pick up a walking map. For the princely sum of 50c, this map takes you round the historic buildings of Central Dunedin. Many of the buildings are in the same limestone as Oamaru. Many are turn of last century. They have survived because Dunedin had a downturn in commerce, and therefore they weren’t pulled down for new buildings. And of course now they’re historic, and therefore protected.

My favourites were the Railway Station, Prison (which is still used, as can be seen by the razor wire on the roof) and (just because I work for them) the New Zealand Insurance building (no longer occupied by NZI though).

Dunedin Railway Station

Finally, a Chinese lunch in a cheap restaurant, and a longish walk back to the car before spending the rest of the afternoon and evening with Art. We’ve run out of things to talk about now, so I must remember a pack of cards for tomorrow night….

Next day: Day 19 – Dunedin (still)

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