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Day 17 – Dunedin and Hospital

Tsunami Warning

We woke to a telephone call from our friend from King Country telling us that a Tsunami warning had been issued for the East Coast of New Zealand. The weather forecast wasn’t looking very good for the next few days either. We decided that Dunedin was as good a place as any to stop if it was going to rain, but we didn’t want to sleep in that tent in the rain, so we booked into the backpackers section (double room) for a night. Art still wasn’t feeling very lively, so the plan was to take a slow stroll round Lanarch Castle and its grounds.

At about 10:30 am Art had other ideas. He fancied seeing what Dunedin General Hospital looked like. That sounds quite flippant, but in fact was very serious – the indigestion that he’d been having for a few days was ‘feeling different’ and he was short of breath. He still thought it was indigestion, but as he’d had a heart attack 13 years before (on the day of the Good Friday Agreement) we thought it best to get it checked out.

Well, so we end up in emergency in Dunedin hospital, staff were brilliant, but hospitals mean waiting around for results and different specialists (this was a Sunday). About 6.00 p.m. I am admitted to the CCU, yes it was a heart attack, not severe, but buggers up the next few days. Looking on the bright side, the weather tomorrow is wet so at least my timing was OK and we may be able to continue south when I and the weather improve. Terri has booked in for a couple more days and is going to explore the area.

The next few days may be quiet.

Insect count extremely low

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