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Previous day: Day 15 – Oamaru

Day 16 – Oamaru to Dunedin

The next days drive was a reasonably short one. Art was feeling a bit weary (he kept on blaming the fact I kept on making him take walks!) so we decided to get to our chosen destination, on the Otago Peninsula by Dunedin, and chill out.

Moeraki Boulders

Along the coast road is a signpost to the Moeraki Boulders. Unless you’re a geologist, these are not scintillatingly interesting. They are huge almost cylindrical boulders on the beach – but there seems to be no rhyme or reason why they are there. Some have succumbed to weathering, and have fallen apart, showing what looks like hexagonal chambers separated by veins of quartz. There is a cafe there though, and (as we found out) that’s quite useful. We didn’t find any others on the route we followed.

We had the GPS on shortest route, and this sometimes takes you on interesting routes. This time it took us over the Cargill Mountain (not so much a mountain as a tall hill). This gave some lovely views over the harbour and the Otago Peninsula where we would be staying. Then into Dunedin down an extremely steep road (courtesy of the GPS again), past the end of the steepest public road in the world, and onto the peninsula.

We had tried to book in advance, but ended up speaking to an ansafone. So we weren’t sure if we’d be in a cabin or camping. As every single room in the place had been booked out for a wedding down the road,it was the tent again. Never mind – it was a lovely sunny day (although I will say it reminded me of a nive Autumn day temperature-wise). The tent went up,and we strolled the 500m to the local tavern……

Royal Albatross Colony

Early evening we went bird watching again – to the Royal Albatross colony. These huge birds have a wingspan of up to 3 meters. They were using the thermals on the cliff at the end of the peninsula to soar. You could see them circling above us, and occasionally one flew directly in front of us – almost showing off.

Royal Albatross

Then the Sun Princess cruise liner left port, and sailed directly in front of us. The channel out of Dunein is not straight,and I would guess isn’t the deepest in the world – it was going very slowly with its pilot boats guiding it.

Then back for a barbecue and another uncomfortable night in the tent.

Insects: No problems

Next day: Day 17 – Dunedin and Hospital

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