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Day 10 – Methven (alias Mount Hutt Village)

Remember me saying that Arts idea of hell was a long uphill walk with no photo opportunities? Well today he had good cause to whinge!

After a hearty breakfast of barbecued bacon sandwiches we headed towards the Mount Hutt Ski Area. Now, remember me saying that Methven is on a plain? Well it’s at least 10 km down a dead straight and flat road to the edge of the mountains. But then it changes immediately and dramatically to steep slopes. And it’s another 16 km drive to the ski area!

As it appeared that the 16km was also along rough gravel road, we decided to go to the Awa Awa tracks and picnic area. There were a number of short walks advertised, with three of them joining together to make what sounded like a reasonable 1.5 hour walk.

What should have given the game away was the name of one of the walks – the Ridge Track.

Pissed off with walking up hill

We had spent one and half hours walking up and down a steep ridge through pine forest, looking at our feet, because of the terrain

Back at the car park, a bit of crawling was in order. ‘We’ll do anything you want for the rest of the day’ I said ‘And I’ll drive…..’

Rakaia Gorge

We headed for the Rakaia Gorge, where we thought there would be a cafe. Nothing! A lodge, with a bar that opened at 5:00 pm.

So (bearing in mind the temperature was well into the high 20’s) we decided to head back to Methven and The Blue Pub. A pint of lager and cider later, Hubby was looking a bit happier. ‘It’s too hot to do anything – let’s go for a snooze at the cabin’. This was his idea of a holiday….

We ended the day by taking a long route to the pub via the cemetary, rodeo grounds and across a field. At least it was flat. Another pint of cider and lager later, we crawled back to our campsite, and started the barbecue.

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