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Day 8 – Greymouth

Today the sun came out – then went in, and it started raining again, then the sun came out for the rest of the day.


We decided that we’d visit somewhere that had some ‘inside’ as well as outside, in case the rain was going to hang around. The holiday park Receptionist recommended ‘Shantytown’, a short drive down the road. And we got a discount by buying our tickets from them.


Shantytown is a bit like the ‘Black Country Museum’ in Dudley – it is a reproduction of a small West Coast town in the late 1800’s. At this time the area was in the middle of a gold rush. Shantytown has a steam engine, a ‘working’ saw mill, some gold panning areas (where you can pan for your own bit of gold to take home with you), water wheel, Chinatown (a tribute to the Chinese miners and shopkeepers who have been here as long as the Europeans) and lots of old shops and buildings like the bank, hospital, schoolhouse, jail, butchers etc etc…. A very nice tea shop did Devonshire cream teas (I’m sure that wasn’t traditional in a glod mining town!) at reasonable prices. It was also very reasonably priced at $22.50 (with discount) including the train ride and the gold panning. We had a great day, and I even managed to replace the tiny bit of gold that I panned for in the same place when I was 16.


Hubby had spotted an article about the bar that separates the mouth of the Grey River (hence Greymouth) from the sea. Apparently the only time that boats can go over the bar is at high tide – and at this time, the waves created by the bar can be very big and rough. As high tide was at 3:00 pm, we headed for the coast. Well they were right – the waves were very big. In fact so big today that no boat was going anywhere near the bar – they all stayed in port and nearer another type of bar (very sensible).

Greymouth Bar

The Bar

Greymouth Bar on youtube

Notice in camp kitchen:

“Your mother does not work here, so clear up your own mess”

Monteiths Brewery.

The Monteith Brewery in Greymouth does guided tours and beer tastings - $15 per person. We decided to go to the 7:00 pm tour, as advertised on their brochure. Unfortunately the door to the brewery shows a 6:00 pm tour but no 7:00 one. The 6:00 crowd seemed to be having a great time – ah well….

So we took ourselves along to the centre of Greymouth to find out what happens on a Friday night. Bottom line – not a lot. At 7:02 we found our way to a local watering hole called ‘The Coal Face’. Happy hour had ended at 7:00, as had the free pool table. It just wasn’t our night! We paid full price for a couple of pints, paid $2 for a couple of games of very bad pool, then wended our way home to look at the weather report…..

West Coast weather is closing in so tomorrow we’re off to the East Coast…

Sandfly count still low

Next Day: Day 9 Greymouth to Methven

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