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Day 1 – Auckland to King Country

After work in the morning (a big day for the project I was working on and I didn’t want to miss it) we were ready to go. A half-hour of ‘Did you remember…?’, ‘Where did you put….?’, ‘Are you sure we don’t need….?’ later, with the water in the house & spa pool turned off, doors and windows checked, we were off!

Half a kilometer down the road we started remembering all the things we’d forgotten to do and pack. ‘Did you bring that spare cash?’, ‘What’s the current account looking like’, ‘I forgot to contact the X, Y, Z’, ‘Socks! I forgot socks!’. I was all for turning round, Hubby was not. ‘We’ve left the house, I’m not unlocking everything – we’ll manage.’ Thank goodness we have the netbook and a mobile internet connection – it is going to be used!

We headed to SH1 – not my favourite road, but with so much driving to do in the next 5 weeks we decided just to head south as quickly as we could. We were going to be staying with our friends on their farm in Ongarue (near Taumarunui) overnight, and with a late start from home we wanted to be there in time for tea.

Highlights of the journey were:

  1. The unit in Te Kuiti that sold kitchens and bathrooms, and Kawasaki motorcycles
  2. The back road that runs to Ongarue from SH30 through Waimiha – it follows the river and the railway track, and has some beautiful scenery with hardly a vehicle on it.

We’ll cover Ongarue in another section – it’s one of our regular stops. Just to say we had a great evening, sitting looking over the river eating brie and bread, and drinking wine. A lovely start to the holiday.

Wayne and Jocelyn's View

Ongarue Map

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