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 <note tip>​Vancouver Island was the highlight of the holiday</​note>​ <note tip>​Vancouver Island was the highlight of the holiday</​note>​
 [{{:​terris_travelogue:​canada:​float_planes.jpg|}}] [{{:​terris_travelogue:​canada:​float_planes.jpg|}}]
 +<​note>​Whilst in Canada, two news items dominated the headlines, the wildfires in Slave Lake [[http://​www.google.com/​hostednews/​canadianpress/​article/​ALeqM5hEuIZ_rbWPI8F6qH-Ubx0Kyh1x_g?​docId=6863150| Slave Lake Fires]] and the flooding in Manitoba [[http://​www.reuters.com/​article/​2011/​05/​14/​us-flooding-manitoba-idUSTRE7486LO20110514|Manitoba Floods]]</​note>​
 [<>] [<>]
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