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Day 13 - Calgary in the Rain on a Public Holiday

We knew that today was going to be rainy, so the plan was to go shopping. But we'd both been struggling with what has seemed to be the start of a cold since we've been here (obviously not used to cold weather any more). Art woke up with a raging temperature and wasn't going anywhere.

I took myself off to the hotel fitness centre, and spent about half an hour on the cross-trainer and treadmill (well, we don't want to overdo it, do we??). I was going to try the pool out - but it was full of families who had also obviously decided to stay in because of the weather. Then back to the room to check on the invalid, before going out in search of breakfast for me (it was A&W again), and a fruit salad and kitkats for Art. The weather really was awful - perpetual rain. And as there are no sidewalk awnings, you can't get away from it.

After spending a bit more time in the room writing up yesterdays diary, it was obvious that Art wasn't moving from his bed - so he sent me off on my own.

Now, Calgary is a city that has evolved to handle cold winters. In addition to the grid system of outdoor roads, in the central area there is a matrix of indoor walkways, running between buildings and across roads. These are given the name the 'Plus 15 Walkway', and the tourist map that we had been given showed these as well. So I decided to go indoor exploring! And I have proved that it is possible to get from the south end of the Central district on 9 Ave SE to the very north end in the Sheraton Suites (just opposite Eau Claire market) without going outside. It's a very peculiar feeling, though, walking down deserted corridors with closed up food courts (which are probably only open during office hours) and through office foyers. One of the buildings was the Stock Exchange, which still had the tickertape stock prices coming up on the LED display board.

After some shopping in Eau Claire, I tried a different route back - and somehow found myself back in the outside world. Which was a mistake - because it was still raining. By the time I found my way back inside, I was soaked! I made my way back to the hotel, found Art still in bed, and had a hot bath to warm up.

So now it's five thirty, and I'm getting hungry. I think this evening will comprise of fossicking for some food that I can bring back to the room to tempt Art with, and packing, ready for the start of our 'big trip' on the Rocky Mountaineer. Unfortunately the weather forecast for the next few days shows nothing but rain :(

(PS no photos today - I didn't take any)

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