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Day 10 - Banff to Cochrane

Although not a bright, sunny day, today was not raining - and it was difinitely warmer. We decided to start our last full day by hitting Banff, and the Starbucks Coffee Shop. Reason - the free internet connection! And the coffee wasn't bad, either. Then we decided to try and get a couple of pictures that would show how much the ice had melted in just one week. We drove to Lake Minnewanka - that was maybe a bit less icy, but still covered. Then to Johnson Lake. We'd walked round this on our first day, and the ice had begun to crazy-pave and drift apart. Six days later, and there was hardly any ice to be seen! So things were getting warmer…

lake Minniwanka background

Had to include at least one mountain

We left Banff, and drove towards Canmore. A quick stop in a bakery, then on towards our final destination of the 'Spring Hill RV Park' near Cochrane.

McDougalls Church

We saw an old wooden church coming up, so stopped for a look. This proved to be a very interesting visit. The church and surrounding area told the story of the original missionaries, settlers and natives ('First Nations') in the area. The McDougall family came to set up a missionary - father George, and sons John and David. George and John were both ministers and David was a businessman. Between them, George and John spent 77 years in the ministry. And of course not forgetting their wives! There are the foundations of the old mission house not far from the church - but they haven't been well kept.

We'd intended to call in on Ghost Lake - but somewhere along the road we missed it! So we ended up at the SpringHill RV Park earlier than expected. It's a bit of a change to the previous trailer parks we've been in - there's actually a petrol station, shop and laundromat attached! But it is in the middle of very flat ground. You can just see the Rockies in the distance, with the sun going down behind them….

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