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Day 5 - Lake Louise to Jasper on the Icefields Parkway

In some ways, we have been extremely lucky with the weather - it is cold, but we've had beautiful blue skies. After a restless night (caused by noisy heaters and the railway line - there must have been five trains through, each of which blew it's whistle) we woke up to another beautiful day. Another slow breakfast, then off to the dumping station to get rid of the 'grey water' and fill up the fresh water tanks. And another discovery - there are showers and loos open - at the far end of the trailer park! Too late!


The plan was to take a quick look at Lake Louise so we knew the layout for our homeward journey, then to head out along SH93 (Icefields Parkway) towards Jasper. We knew there were no RV campsites that were open, so we had 250 km to cover.

The Columbia Icefield

Icefields Parkway is in the top 10 best drives in the world. There are many places marked on the map that are worth a stop, either for a photographic opportunity or a walk. Unfortunately, with so much snow around, the walks were generally ruled out. Snow shoes would have been needed. We took a number of photos along the way, but as Art pointed out, they weren't much different to the day before ('it's another photo of a mountain with snow on it, with a forest of fir trees and a frozen lake in the foreground'). Maybe we're getting blazee with the NZ scenery - but he was right! We did suss out the Columbia Icefield Glacier Adventure though - for around $52.50 CAD each, a coach takes you up to the glacier, and a transfer to a bus with big types that takes you actually onto the glacier. We've decided to do it on the way back.

We arrived in Jasper at about 4:00 pm - and immediately fell in love with the place. It's smaller than Banff, but has a good selection of shops and bars. And - most important - a launderette with a cafe that serves Australasian-quality coffee and has an internet. Immediately across the road from it is 'Earls Restaurant' - a good balcony to sit with your drink, and reasonably priced bar meals. We will be back!

When we booked in at the 'Whistlers Trailer Park', the guy on the gate summed it up - 'Banff is the equivalent to Queenstown, and Jasper is the equivalent to Wanaka'.

Whistler Trailer Park

The Whistlers Trailer Park seems very big, but this means that there are a lot of treees between vans so you feel as if you're parked in the middle of a forest. One disadvantage - I got very lost when I tried to find my back from the loos. I think I might be using the one in the campervan while we are here…..

Ah well - dinner tonight is tomato bruchetta with spinach & cheese cannelloni in tomato sauce to follow. All washed down witrh a Merlot (Arts) or Strongbow Cider (me). It's a hard life…

I just liked this photo

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