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 ====== Lake Karapiro, World Rowing Championship (Oct 30 2010) ====== ====== Lake Karapiro, World Rowing Championship (Oct 30 2010) ======
-{{:​mg_trips:​cambridge.jpg|}} **Cambrige Town centre**+[{{:​mg_trips:​cambridge.jpg|}}**Cambrige Town centre**
-Lake Karapirojust outside Cambridge in central ​north island, is the venue for the World rowing ​champs ​2010, so a good excuse to get out the MG. Set off about 10hood down of course even though the sun was still hidden in Auckland. ​Two hours drive to Cambridge, ​then loose the direction ​signs to the Park and Ride scheme employed ​for the eventThe satnav gets us to the village of Karapiro ​just across the water from the venue. ​A cup of coffee in the Power House cafe given directions ​across the dam, and by the way leave the car here. So no mixing with hoi palloi on the bus, just a gentle walk in the sun+Lake Karapiro ​is just outside Cambridgein central ​North Island. This October/​Novemberit is the venue for the World rowing ​championships ​2010. What better ​excuse to get out the MG. We set off at about 10 am (hood down of course even though the sun was still hidden in Auckland ​- Art insists!)A two hours drive later we were approaching ​Cambridge, ​and following ​the signs to the Park and Ride for the championshipThen the signs just disappeared! As we were now completely lost, we programmed '​Karapiro'​ into the GPS and followed its instructions. Ony one problem - the village of Karapiro ​is the wrong side of the hydroelectric dam across the river. We could see the venue, but knew that there was no parking thereWhat to do? There'​s a very nice cafe restaurant (The Power House Cafe) in the village so we decided to consider our options over a coffee. 'Why not leave the car here and walk across the dam?' says the waitress. '​Leave ​the car here'Good idea! So no mixing with hoi palloi on the bus for us, just a gentle walk in the sun.
-{{:​mg_trips:​the_russians_have_arrived.jpg|}}**The Russians have arrived**+[{{:​mg_trips:​the_russians_have_arrived.jpg|The Russians have arrived}}]
-The welcoming speech by a local Maori dignitary went on for ages, all in Maori of course.+We'd booked tickets for the grandstand, only to discover that we could have bought them (cheaper) on the day. We were not amused - but never mind. There were a number of opening acts, Most of which we couldn'​t see properly because of the angle of the grandstand to the stage. They were fantastic seats to see the races - but of course on day 1 there were none!  
 +The welcoming speech by a local Maori dignitary went on for ages, all in Maori of course. ​And again it was all 'down below',​ where most of the people in the grandstands couldn'​t see anything! Fortunately there were large TV screens around - but we needn'​t have been in the grandstand to see them!
-{{:​mg_trips:​welcoming_commitee.jpg|}}**The Welcoming Committee**+[{{:​mg_trips:​welcoming_commitee.jpg|The Welcoming Committee}}]T
-{{:​mg_trips:​waka3.jpg|}}**First race of the day**+[{{:​mg_trips:​waka3.jpg|**First race of the day**}}]
-The best place to watch the concert ​was in the bar area.+We discovered fairly early on where the bar was. This was right on the riverbank, next to a little stage. This turned out to be one of the best decisions of the day! The NZ band 'Op Shop' were playing - and we had ringside seats. This must surely be the bargain concert of the year - $20 entry fee to the venue and you get ringside seats at an hours long concert ​from one of the most (current) popular bands in NZ!
-{{:​mg_trips:​op-shop.jpg|}}**Op shop**+[{{:​mg_trips:​op-shop.jpg|**Op shop**}}]
-{{:​mg_trips:​looking_back.jpg|}} **The Venue**+[{{:​mg_trips:​looking_back.jpg|**The Venue**}}] 
 This photo is the view back to the venue from the car park This photo is the view back to the venue from the car park
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