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Tauranga is located on the Bay of Plenty (named by James Cook) and is one of the fastest growing areas in NZ, which includes a lot of retirees. It has the largest port in New Zealand.

Due to its sheltered position on the east coast, Tauranga has a warm, dry climate. During the summer months the population swells as the holidaymakers descend on the city, especially along the popular white coastal surf beaches from Mount Maunganui to Papamoa. It was the sunniest area of NZ for 2009 with 2540 hours.

In recent years there has been a housing 'boom' which meant the huge increase of houses being built within Tauranga, especially in the largest suburb, Papamoa. Papamoa's huge growth has been due greatly to this boom and therefore made it the largest suburb in Tauranga. Some suburban areas within Papamoa that have been built up include The Gardens, Emerald Shores, Golden Sands, Palm Springs, and Tuihana. Although the Housing boom is officially over in Tauranga, construction is still occurring and suburbs are being built. These are The Papamoa Gateway Development, Papamoa Junction and Modena Beach The main housing in Tauranga varies between suburbs, and range from wealthy beachfront mansions to older state houses in the lower income neighbourhoods. The most common type of housing is suburban houses with medium sized backyards. Many people live across from the beach. Tauranga is generally expensive when it comes to housing. In 2008 the median sale price for houses was around $400,000, varying from around $200,000 to a around $3 million.

Much of the countryside surrounding Tauranga is horticultural land, used to grow a wide range of fresh produce for both domestic consumption and export. The area is particularly well known for growing tangelos (a grapefruit / tangerine cross), avocados, and kiwifruit. Recent years have seen the establishment of boutique vineyards and wineries.

The Port of Tauranga is New Zealand's largest export port, with brisk but seasonal shipping traffic. It is a regular stop for both container ships and luxury cruise liners.

We have friends (new immigrants from UK) who have moved to Tauranga and have settled very nicely. They have since got married on the Mount and had another child

Tauranga has a slightly better climate than Auckland

Tauranga Website

Tauranga Real Estate and Listings

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