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Helensville (40K. north west of Auckland)

Helensville was born out of the timber trade and is now long gone. The town is now a tourist / retirement settlement based on State Highway 16. Helensville is commutable into Auckland, at about 50 minutes to CBD, but a bit far for most kiwis. Dairy farming and the hot springs at Parakai help the economy, plus the positive effects from the nearby wine producing region around Kumeu, 20 km to the south.

The area around Helensville was originally called Te Awaroa, meaning “The long path” or “The long river valley”. The first European settlers in the district were Scottish timber millers named McLeod but who had actually come from Nova Scotia to New Zealand. John McLeod built a house which he named “Helen's Villa” in honour of his wife, and the name soon became that of the surrounding settlement.

Recommended, especially if you fancy a lifestyle block, could live there myself,

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Helensville Map

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