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Hamilton (Kirikiriroa in Māori) is the centre of New Zealand's fourth largest urban area, and Hamilton City is the country's seventh largest territorial authority. Hamilton is in the Waikato region of the North Island, approximately 130 km (80 mi) south of Auckland. It sits at a major road and rail nexus in the centre of the Waikato basin, on both banks of the Waikato River.

Hamilton has a temperate, damp climate, with about 1,184 mm (46.6 in) of rainfall annually. B. J. Garnier said it had the worst human climate in NZ, but conceded that the reliable rainfall of 850mm minimum (1949) and 2000mmm maximum (1956), was ideal for dairy farming. Thick fog is common on winter mornings, and often lasts until late morning. Daily maximum temperatures range from about 22° to 26 °C (72°–79 °F) in January and February to 10° to 15 °C (50°–59 °F) in July and August. Summer occasionally sees temperatures of more than 30 °C (86 °F), while on clear winter mornings temperatures may drop to as low as −5 °C (23 °F). Ground frosts are common but snow however is practically unknown. (borrowed from Wikipedia)

Hamilton is about 1.5 hours drive down State Highway 1 from us in Auckland. We have been there on visits to its botanical gardens (excellent and free entry) and for a couple of shows at Mystery Creek (the local exhibition centre). Hamilton is based in the middle of Dairy Country.

I am not sure we would want to live there.

Hamilton Website

Hamilton Houses Prices and Listings

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