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Social Life in Miranda

We weren't quite sure what would happen to our social life when we headed for the hills - we were leaving quite an active social life behind in Auckland, and I was afraid that we'd find it a bit quiet. We needn't have worried - in fact, this Sunday is the first one we've had free, and we've been thoroughly enjoying it.


As told in a previous page, Art found an interesting way to meet the next door neighbours - he managed to get our 4WD stuck up to its axles in mud in our back paddock, and had to get rescued! After that, we decided to invite said neighbours to Sunday Lunch to say thank you. Now Art quite regularly pops next door for a cuppa and chat. On top of that, we've had various neighbours popping in with various yummy cakes to say hello.

There's also a Neighbourhood Watch list, with everyone's contact details in the three roads. That's about 60 properties spread over about 20 km of road. The local rep is also a local farmer, and does fencing - so we used him to fence our paddock for the new alpacas. So he's on our list of friendly neighbours too now.

We've also had a couple of invites from neighbours for 'group events'. A couple of the people down Findlay Road are looking at arranging a cycle route with art exhibits based on times in geological history along the way. So we went along (with drink and nibbles) to an evening meeting to discuss ideas. We were also invited along to Rata Lodge, a 'boutique retreat' just up the road; unfortunately we couldn't make it as we were busy bringing back Rambo the lamb from our friends in Ongarue.

So all in all - a good start.

Local Hostelries

The nearest taverns to us are the 'Red Fox' in Maramarua, and the 'Bay View Hotel' in Kaiaua. Both have various social groups that meet there, and in both we've had a friendly local come up and say hello and welcome to the area.

There's a quiz at the Red Fox in aid of the Maramarua Volunteer Fire Service on the first Tuesday of every month, and a pool league. The Bay View Hotel has a 'Handles Club' every Wednesday, and a darts league. Both act as a meeting place for various organizations (including the local 'Lions' group, which Art has been asked to join), and serve typical bar food for reasonable prices, and I can vouch for the buzz in the Bay View on a Saturday night.


There are tennis courts in Kaiaua and Mangatangi, rugby in Maramarua, and of course the Maramarua Golf and Squash Club. The latter is about 5 km out of the main village, on SH2 headed towards Auckland.

Other social things

We regularly get leaflets in our letter box about various things going on in the area. We've been to Mangatangi Fire Station to watch the rugby, and I am intending to go to a quilting group in Pukekohe.

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