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Meeting the Neighbours


Art started the 'Meet the Neighbours' task with ingenuity. He decided that as we are the proud owners of a Pajero 4WD, he'd drive the trailer containing the garden furniture through the back paddock and up to the back gate. Unfortunately it didn't have 'off-road' tyres. Yes - you've guessed it! Art got well and truly stuck in the mud.

So he called into the next door neighbours, who called the farmer next door (who uses our paddock for his stock), who came along with his tractor to pull our poor little Pajero out. Art was then offered a very welcome cup of tea (all the more welcome as we didn't have a fridge or a kettle at this stage…).


The neighbours left us alone for the first couple of weeks. I think they were letting us settle in and find our feet. About 3 weeks in, we decided it was about time we started entertaining so dug the calendar out. First visitors were my uncle, cousin and her husband for Sunday Lunch. As they were a similar age, we invited the neighbours who had been so helpful with the stuck in the mud car too.

Lunch went swimmingly. It's a very Kiwi thing for everyone to bring something for the table, so cousin and neighbour brought a dessert. We'd just finished the main meal and the doorbell went! It was the neighbours over the road with some home made cinnamon muffins! We invited them in, and the afternoon socialising progressed with more than a couple of bottles of wine… We were updated with some of the local gossip, and told about the Neighbourhood Watch group. Apparently the guy that runs it is also the local fencer - so as we will need some for our next project (see later….) this was very useful.

Not long after, we had a visit from the Neighbourhood Watch guy. He came with a list of all the names, addresses and telephone numbers of all the houses in Findlay, Esk and Rataroa Roads. There's about 65 properties, spread over about 25 km. Art also arranged for him to come and fence our top paddock, ready for our new project (patience - you'll find out about it later…)

In fact, Art is really beginning to enjoy live here. The neighbours always wave, and he has made a few good contacts. We're going to leave it a couple of months, then send out a general open house 'meet the neighbours' Sunday afternoon. I think we made a good move…

Aug. 2012. It looks like we have 4 more families moving in during the next year. Four sections have sold along our road in the last 2 months. It's getting crowded!

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