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Auckland Sea Life

Well chewed

Our local dive club were diving in the Manukau Harbour (Aucklands harbour in the Tasman Sea) when their smallish inflatable reared up and travelled a few metres by itself, or so it seemed. Actually a great white had got its mouth around their anchor rope! We only rarely get shark attacks in NZ not like across the ditch in Aus., not sure why this is but I am informed the Aussies have more Bull Sharks which are more twitchy. Back to the dive expedition, a couple of divers got splashed by the shark and they lost their anchor, apart from that all was well apart from the endless repeats of the sighting.

A bit of research flags up the fact that the Manukau and Kaipara Harbours have a quite a few Great Whites, though mainly juveniles. Great Whites are protected in New Zealand waters!

Whale Watching

NZ Herald article


Virgil Evetts is wowed by some incredible sea life, including whales, all seen with Auckland cityscape in the not-too-far distance. There is nothing at all mystical about whales and dolphins. But nevertheless, they are beautiful, awe-inspiring creatures, and seeing them in their natural environment - as opposed to some tawdry theme park - is one of life's unforgettable experiences.

Kaikoura is usually regarded as the be-all-and-end-all of whale watching in New Zealand but, as I discovered on the Auckland Whale & Dolphin Safari one limpid autumn day, the Hauraki Gulf is home or thoroughfare to some 25 species of marine mammals, including more than a few of the “thar-she-blows” variety.

Departing from the Viaduct Harbour, we were quickly cutting through the mill-pond stillness (rather atypically) of the Hauraki Gulf Marine Park, prowling for things flippery. By way of cheerful commentary we were told about the various mammals we were likely to see, such as common dolphins, Bryde's (a Norwegian word, pronounced “brooders”) whales, and orca.

These species are semi-permanent residents in the park, whereas others including sperm, humpback and even blue whales, are known to pass through on their annual migrations.

NZ Herald article in full

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More to follow

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