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Boobs on Bikes

Or the Battle between the Good folk of Auckland City Council and the "Evil porn King Steve Crow"

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New Zealanders are not exactly prudish when it comes to sex, prostitution is legal and sex shops openly advertise on the radio, although its rare to get topless bathing, well women anyway. Boobs on Bikes is a recent annual parade down Queen Street in Auckland, to advertise, unofficially, the Erotica show at the ASB showground. It has been going for 6 years, starting off with about 10,000 watchers and slowly building up. This year the City Council decided to pass a bye law about public decency, hoping this would stop the parade. Steve Crow of course challenged this decision and took it to court, the verdict granted in his favour

Handing down her decision at the Auckland District Court today, Judge Nicola Mathers said she wasn't satisfied that the parade breached the legal threshold of offensiveness. The police had no objections.

So what was achieved, well all the fuss gave a huge amount of free publicity to the event and more than a 100,000 of all sexes turned out to watch, it was a fun parade really.

ps photos by Terri. Eroritca? Well we went on holiday and cannot comment on the show. You may notice it was a cold day!

Well that was the 2008 version. The 2009 event had much less publicity as all the protesters stayed away, so the crowds were much less, also it was a bit damp. Missed the 2010 event, we were in the UK

Missed the 2011 event, almost no publicity, but found this on “youtube”

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