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Auckland Climate

We think the climate is great after living on the outskirts of London. We have had five good summers, fantastic as compared to Rickmansworth, winters are mild, one dry one and two wet one and one cold (for Auckland)so far. Winter really is only 2ish months late June to Early August. Spring tends to be windy, summer hot and dry, the sea gets to 22 degrees for bathing. Autumn is warm and generally calm, can be the nicest time. The bad news is that the grass never stops growing, slows down a little but never stops. See Also New Zealand Climate

The official view of the climate

Auckland has a warm-temperate climate, with warm, humid summers and mild, damp winters. It is the warmest main centre of New Zealand and for the past 3 years has also been the sunniest, with an average of 2170 sunshine hours per annum.The average daily maximum temperature is 23.7 °C in February, and 14.5 °C in July, the absolute maximum recorded temperature is 30.5 °C, while the absolute minimum is -2.5. High levels of rainfall occur almost year-round with an average of 1240 mm per year spread over 137 'rain days'. Climatic conditions vary in different parts of the city owing to geography such as hills, land cover and distance from the sea, hence unofficial Auckland temperature records exist, such as a maximum of 32.4 °C in Henderson during February 1998. In the eastern suburbs we get only 2/3 of the officially recorded rainfall of the westerly airport. On 27 July 1939 Auckland received its only snow fall in recorded history.

The early morning calm on the isthmus during settled weather, before the sea breeze rises, was described as early as 1853: “In all seasons, the beauty of the day is in the early morning. At that time, generally, a solemn stillness holds, and a perfect calm prevails…” Many Aucklanders use this time of day to walk and run in parks.

Average Sunshine hours

  1. Auckland 2050
  2. London 1500
  3. Edinburg 1350
  4. Birmingham 1400

For the last 2 years Auckland has had in excess of 2400 hours of sunshine

Air Pollution

In the central Auckland districts, as car ownership rates are very high and emissions controls relatively weak, this area suffers from some air pollution, especially in regards to fine particles emissions. There are also regular breaches of guideline levels of carbon monoxide. While maritime winds normally disperse the pollution relatively quickly it can sometimes become visible as smog, especially on calm winter days. The moral is, live in the outer suburbs especially round Half moon bay, there you can commute in on the ferry and enjoy the lower rainfall and cleaner air. See Ferry from Auckland CBD to Half Moon Bay

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